Welcome to website of Lauri Ojansivu https://github.com/xet7

Open Source Software, xet7 done small part or all of translating
Translation from English to Finnish Progress Latest Update
WeKan – Open Source kanban 100% 2023-07-05
ProtonMail, ProtonCalendar, ProtonDrive, ProtonVPN, ProtonPass, secure encrypted email, calendar, file storage, VPN, password manager. Released 2023-07-05 to official webbased services after login with webbrowser. Not yet to mobile apps, website, Proton Bridge. 100% 2023-07-05
Gogs – alternative to GitHub 100% 2022-01-15
Gitea – Fork of Gogs 38% 2022-01-15
Sandstorm – Self-Hosted SaaS for Ubuntu server, running webapps like WeKan, Gogs, WordPress, etc 90% TODO
Secret Chronicles of Dr.M. – platform game 100% of translatable strings at game. Translated website. TODO: Add changes to source code so all remaining English text is translatable
Rocket.Chat – alternative to Slack Translated some parts TODO
ReactOS – Open Source version of Windows. Some Steam games support also ReactOS 32bit. Only translated Start menu. TODO
Darkest Hour – Halloween text adventure game for modern and retro computers TODO Ported game to Amiga etc. TODO: Translate, and make similar C based version of WeKan, it will help with Accessibility
SuperTux – platform game Translated some levels TODO
Friend OS – Cloud Desktop with Web, Mobile and desktop clients. Has many apps like OnlyOffice, Chat, Video conferencing, Calendar, Games, Music player, coding IDE, etc Translated some parts TODO
Gambas, alternative to Visual Basic – has IDE for creating web, desktop and CLI apps. Can use SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL. xet7 read from mailing list, that someone is porting VB6 apps to Gambas, because customers don’t want Windows at factory floor anymore. Works on Linux and Cygwin. TODO TODO
Lazarus, alternative to Delphi – has IDE for creating web, desktop, CLI and mobile apps with FreePascal. Can use many databases. Compiles fast for many operating systems. TODO TODO. Some parts of IDE are not translated to Finnish yet.

Various fixes

  • I-Nex – Like CPU-Z, but for Linux, made with Gambas. Deb package build instructions for Linux Mint 18 and Ubuntu 16.04.
  • LiteIDE – 2016-11-09 IDE for Go programming language. Added missing dependencies to get LiteIDE to compiled.
  • Qubes OS – 2016-11-04 Reasonably secure Xen desktop operating system. Additions to documentation.
  • Kha – 2016-03-03 Portable Multimedia Framework, made with Haxe. Git submodule syntax fix for khamake. Added Linux build and run script for video tutorial code, and Windows 10 build script start.
 Project  Programming language
 The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M. website  Ruby/HTML/CSS/Javascript
1) Move files older than 6 months to another directory
2) Clone all GitHub repos or Org or User
3) Download all from YouTube channel
4) Export all Rocket.Chat users username, name and email address to CSV
 Bash, Cron, Python, MongoDB
 Caddy webserver example for CMS Made Simple 2016-12-17

Caddy webserver example for Concrete5 2016-12-17

 PHP, Bash, systemd
 Perfect Paper Passwords  C
 Launching TCL code from Excel  TCL
 Hecl Command line app for J2ME mobile phones  Hecl
 Greasemonkey scripts – Firefox AddOn script for blocking ad Javascript